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Terrazzo Dry Grinding and Polishing

This is a new upcoming process of grinding terrazzo floor using a terrazzo machine fitted with a vacuum system.
There are two types of this machine:
1. One which can be connected with a Vacuum cleaner
2. A combo where the vacuum system is incorporated in the machine.

Dry Grinding Machine
This machine can be used for both Dry and Wet Grinding.
  • Fitted with a powerful with 7.5Hp  motor. 
  • It has Variable Frequency Drive installed which is very useful in varying the speed and the machine torque.
  • It has a Sun and Planet Gearbox which drives the THREE Grinding Plates.
  • During Dry Grinding it can be connected to a Vacuum Cleaner to suck away the dust.
  • Can be use on both Metal Diamond Pads and Resin Pads. The exchange of the metal pads and Resin Pads is designed in such a way that it can be changed in a record short time.
  • The Machine is available for Hire.
Other Additional Dry Grinding Machines